A Lavender And Champagne Filled Wedding

This Provence wedding will sweep you off your feet. Set at Château de Sannes, a 17th-century castle, Anne Laure Weddings designed a day that perfectly highlights the beauty of France. The biggest hit of the day? An amazing wooden cart filled with flowers by Floraison, displaying glasses of champagne and lavender syrup, gently stroked by the golden sunlight.

The Best Of Provence

Château de Sannes, a 17th-century castle, was the perfect setting for this – with its yellow stone building, the surrounding lavender fields, and its magnificent French gardens. Provence is at its best in June when the light emphasizes the colors of nature: the purple of the lavender in full bloom, the green of the trees, the yellow of the stones.

Floraison reflected these colors at perfection in the bridal bouquet and the floral arrangements, subtly enhanced by the lace of the Mira Zwillinger wedding dress and linens. The workshop was called “The Creative Retreat” because I wanted to boost the vendors’ creativity after the long and difficult period of COVID and it was a success.